Sunday, June 29, 2008

BB Owen Course Description

BB Owen is the primary disc golf course inside of Dallas city limits. It is an 18 hole course with hole lengths ranging from 160 to 400 feet (depending on basket placement). Majority of throws are open, but dense woods are a major factor if disc lands off the fairway. Water is not a significant hazard on the course. All holes are par 3s, and holes 12 through 15 are officially titled "Birdie Alley."

(1) Course is conveniently located inside of Dallas city limits.
(2) Course is designed on a relatively small land area, and can play very quickly.
(3) A variety of throws are useful: hyzer, anhyzer, rollers, etc.
(4) Course will challenge you with distance (shots over 350 and uphill), but also challenges your control (shorter shots with ace potential).
(5) As primary city of Dallas course, many very skilled players use course and hold minis on the weekends.

(1) On front and back nine, fairways lay side by side, so drives with poor control frequently interfere with another hole's fairway.
(2) Course can be very crowded (only good course inside city limits), and can play slowly due to congestion.
(3) Woods off of fairways can be very dense during spring and summer. It's possible to spend some time searching.

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