Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Round (Wind = Enemy)

The above weather pic shows the wind at 11 mph, but that's not accurate.  There were very strong wind gusts out there.  I didn't have an anemometer or wind sock or anything, but it didn't require fancy tools to know the wind was enemy numero uno out there today.  I haven't played a wind free round in so long, I don't even know how I'd play in calm conditions.

The Play: I posted a 5-over (59) and Koons put up a 3-over (57).  Scores that leave room for improvement, but are indicative of the spring rust and spring winds.

Highlight of round: my wind-fueled ace run on 3.
Lowlight of round: my wind-fueled 5 shot collapse on 16 (included the requisite chain-slamming outburst).

Notes on Course: Everything is short except for 8 and 17.  The basket for alternate #17 is laying in a mess near the front parking lot.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Opening Weekend: Game on!!!

First round of the regular season!  Weather was beautiful, but wind was a definite bummer - gusts well over 35 mph.  Wind like that makes finesse really difficult.

So, I opened the season without an ace and with a 6 over score.  Not off to a hot start.  Highlight of the round was the total bomb that I threw off 6 that dug itself deep into the woods past the basket.  The shot didn't play too well, but it always feels good to grip and rip over 400 feet.  Lowlight of round is all the tools playing shirtless.

Course notes: All pin placements are short except for #8.  The BBall court was in full swing.  Seems like secret #17 is becoming less of a secret.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Training: Control on schedule

Got in a round at The Rivery disc golf course in Georgetown, TX (click here for course info).  There were three major elements to today's training: (1) the course itself demands accuracy; (2) wind was a significant factor; (3) I was playing with borrowed discs.

The combination of the above elements really forced me to focus on a controlled disc pace and accuracy off the tee.  You can read the course description for more details, but the course is densely wooded with very narrow fairways.  If your disc clips a tree off the drive, then the best possible scenario is that your plastic is blocked straight down.  Worst (and seemingly more frequent) scenario is that your disc is richocheted off into maddening brush and your second shot is spent just getting reacquainted to the fairway.  I'm not just talking about one or two holes; I'd guess that 14 holes play with crowded, narrow fairways.

Add to that difficulty, the wind and borrowed discs and a catastrophic training round seemed nearly certain.  I borrowed the following (ordered from fastest to slowest): Teebird, Eagle, Coyote, Putt & Approach.  These particular discs were new to me, but I've had each of those in the bag at some point in my career, so it wasn't reinventing the wheel.  Conditions as they were, I played within my abilities and managed a 5 over score.  It's not a score to highlight the resume, but I'm perfectly happy with that.  Conor and Chris were more maligned by the conditions and final scores were flirting with double digits.  Luckily Wally was along to keep the mood light despite the tough scores.


The Rivery - Georgetown, TX (Course Description)

(See below for map to course location and the course map.)

General description: The Rivery is most noted for its demand for control.  Players with limited power can succeed on this course, but players lacking finesse and skill will be frustrated.  The course is heavily wooded with oaks and cedars and the fairways are often narrow.  Even though the course plays along the northern branch of the San Gabriel river, there isn't much risk of losing discs to water hazards.

Logistics: Bathrooms, picnic tables are located next to the parking lot, but are not easily accessible during play.  There are only a few holes in which elevation change is a factor.  The course has dirt tees and is sometimes not easy to follow.  Playing in with someone familiar with the course or bringing a printed course map (see link below) is highly recommended.