Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Heat - Low Scores

Check the scoresheet for today's round here: Score Sheet

It's summer, so the days are wicked hot right now. We hit the course at about 11 AM, played the back 9 for warm-up, and scored #1-#18 for a total of 27 holes. There weren't many brave souls out there, so we played in a good rhythm which is reflected in the best posted scores of the season.

The play: I posted a 55 (+1) with 4 birds and 5 boges; while Koons posted an even round with 4 birds and 4 boges.

Highlight of round: Found a championship Wraith on the course which I used to make an aggressive ace run on #6. The throw dug into the mulch right next to the hole for an easy tap-in.

Lowlight of round: Lost the round to Koons.

Also, looks like Dallas could get some more disc golf courses!!! Check out this site for all the info: