Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday Round - Angry DG gods?

Koons and I braved the ferocious winds for a Friday afternoon round. Seriously, are the DG gods punishing us with these winds? Check the updated scores here: Score Card 09

The play: I posted a worst-ever +11 with birds on 4 and 8, and host of singles and doubles - check the score card for full info. Koons posted the newbie score of +15, with no birdies and a one triple. To be fair, the wind was such a huge factor that we were basically the only ones playing.

Highlight of round: The herculean tosses on hole 6, both had 400+ feet of steam on them.

Lowlight of round: The wind causing me to double 3 times in a single round.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BB Owen Scorecard

I created a BB Owen score card to facilitate my own stat-tracking, but if anybody else wants to use it, here it is:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekday Round

Will be keeping scores and stats posted, check it here: Score Sheet 09

Koons and I took advantage of glorious weather to force in a weekday round at the course. Conditions were prime. The only significant limiting factor was talent. Unfortunately, we weren't the only DGers eager to rattle the chains, so play was relatively slow.

The Play: I posted a +2 with three birds, 2 boges, and a triple on 18. Koons posted +4 mostly caused by bad play on the front 9. He crossed the bridge to 9 with a +5.

Highlight of round: My drive on sixteen left me 25 feet short with a tree between disc and basket. I focused yogi style and split the "Y" of the tree to sink a sweet bird. The play was capped by the "Shooter McGavin" pistol gesture to seal the deal. Nice.

Lowlight of round: On 18, I power drove the star valkyrie down the fairway, but with too much anhyzer. It lodged in a tree causing a penalty. I three-putted from there for a 6 shot final hole.

2009 Score Sheet

Friday, April 17, 2009

Updated Course Distances

Thanks to ERicJ for posting a comment with a link to updated distances for the course.  I updated the course map to reflect the new info (see below).  ERicJ says he "laser measured" the distances.  I don't know what that means, but it sounds awesome.

Distances reflect the long placements!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Course is getting green!

Very playable golfing environment today.  Perfect temperature out there and the wind was only a factor on a few throws.  The course is getting green, so the poison ivy is out, the fairways are shrunken, and the bamboo is looking serious.

The play: I threw a +2 with boges on 1, 5, 8, 11; birdies on 4 and 12.  Pretty satisfied with my drives today, and my putting is terrible as always.  Koons threw a +5 by boging three
 of the last four.  It was classic Koons - playing the Ehlo to his opponent's Jordan.  Early season head-to-head with Koons is 1-1.

Highlight of round:  Tap-in birdie shot on 12; threw a valkrie lazer down the pipe and pinballed it off the base of the oak just to the left of the pin.

Lowlight of round: Sidearm S-curve on 8 that was almost great, but in reality dug itself into the miniature vietnam off the fairway.  Bogie.

Course notes: Pin on alternate 17 is missing.  The spring green is becoming a factor again.  Hope you're not allergic to poison ivy!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Round - Best of the Early Season!

Beautiful weather today.  Warm temps and wind was a minor factor, but not the dominant factor.  I got to the course early enough that I played without much delay.

The play: shot an even round (54) which is nice because even is a good mark for future 09 rounds.  It's not an anomaly, so I can beat it, but it's solid so I can use it as a measure.  I played solo which means the round only resulted in a victory of confidence.

Highlight of round: throwing 16 pars that included 12 in a row.  Call me consistent Cal

Lowlight of round: putting so unagressive that it resulted in 12 straight pars.

Course notes: Everything is long except for #9.  Spring green is starting to become a disc munching hazard.