Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring Training: D-golfers report

In preparation for the 09 season (beginning 03/20/09), players have begun to shake off the winter rust on familiar fairways.  The 08 season was significant in its lack of an ace.  Team "Ace Run" crafted innumerable usefully agressive chain runs, but came up empty for the season.  The lack of an 08 ace has left the team deflated with the Chief taking it hardest.  He's left his bag untouched for so long that his disks are actively being divvied amongst the remaining team members.  The more mentally durable members of the team are parlaying the emptiness of last season into motivation for the 09 season.

Team members Koons and Calvin got in a round at BB Owen on Saturday, February 28th.  Weather was a significant factor; temps were below 35, wind advisories in effect, and both players inadequately clothed.  In the face of powerful wind gusts, putting was understandably shaky and overall scores were poor.  On the upside, both players demonstrated excellent control off the tee; their past experience in West Texas winds on full display: low, strong, deliberate hyzers and safe mid-range shots with heavy plastic.

Considering the youth of the season and the antagonistic weather, the players performed well, but scores don't reflect it (and the players conveniently can't remember anyway).  Calvin lost track of his inflated score first, so the win is conceded to Koons, which seems accurate to both players.