Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon Round & Note on Course Etiquette

Koons and I got in a round on Tuesday. Round wasn't too bad until the 18th hole. I had some nice birdies and a couple of ace runs, but tripled 18 due to 3 penalty strokes (2 for playing wrong side of mando and 1 for playing on the sidewalk).

Koons played a subpar round with the leftover discs in his truck. The man's no genius and left his golf bag at the house. So, he was forced to play with the oldie goldie discs on the floorboards. Considering the situation, it wasn't a bad round.

Note on course etiquette:
This subject really requires more thought and its own post (I'll try to get to it soon). Anyway, there's noticeably poor etiquette on the course. Examples of poor etiquette include: cutting off a group by starting at the middle of a course, planning a mini tournament during peak weekday golf hours, spectators with no concept of golf wandering onto fairways, people generally being rude.

It's unfortunate that the sport attracts new participants at the expense of the course etiquette. More on this to come...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ugly Round - Note on Pin Placements

Joe, Mitchell and I got a round in today. Interesting play today. I finished at 4 over; thanks mostly to a triple boge on 15. My drive on 15 was high and ugly. It dove off into the woods, and we never found it. I followed that shot with some ugly approach action and short-armed the put to complete my triple. Whatever. I also had three birds on birdie alley (12, 13, 14), so you take the good with the bad and play on.

The course has been on the hard setting for the past month or so. Most of the pins are at the long placements. Number 8 was at the long placement, but was returned to the short placement. Anyway, with holes 2, 9, 11, 12, 15, 17, and 18 at the long placements we get two results : (1) worse scores, (2) more lost discs. Of course, more lost discs equals more found discs, so if you lose one chalk up the loss and know you're due to find one at some point. I've donated several this summer already! My brother found 3 discs today, and a couple others the last time he played. Lesson learned: discs come and go, birds and boges, keep your eyes on the chains.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Saturday and Sunday Team Rounds

Two rounds at BB Owen this weekend - both rounds were team play rounds. Saturday round teams : (1) Calvin and Mitchell (2) Koons and Clay. Mitchell and I got the better of them, but not impressively. Don't remember the actual scores, but they weren't pretty for a team round.

Sunday teams: (1) Calvin and Joe (2) Mitchell and Clay. Mitchell and Clay got the better of Joe and I, but it was a good round that required a play off hole to decide. Good times.

Pics from the weekend:

Calvin throws on the long hole #11, and nails a tree in the fairway. Bogie.

Mitchell rips one that looks good here, but it turned over and ran for the tree line on the right.

Clay lines up an approach shot around the trees - tough lefty shot.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Saturday Round at Greenbelt (07/12/08)

Played a round at the greenbelt course in Carrolton with Koons and my brother. I finished at 2 over, with mitchell at 4 over, and Koons a disgraceful finish at +7. Not a stellar round for anybody, but we're going to blame it on the wind.

My brother brought the camera out to get some "action" shots:

Koons with his head hung in shame after another dismal showing off the tee

Calvin unleashing a strong drive without much control. Wind?

Here's Mitchell winding up on the long hole 5

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday -noonish round

Went to the course with Jenny today at noon. It was soooo hot out there today. Anyway, not such a great round. Threw 3 over - boges on 1, 2, 10, 11, 17, 18 and birds on 4, 6, and 13. No ace runs to speak of at all.

Of note: been throwing drivers into the woods on #6 recently. May be time to club down. Still, not sure that I can club down much and still cover the distance. Will see how it goes.

Probably going to get another round in with Koons this evening. Hopefully not so hot.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday afternoon 07/07/08

Threw 2 over today. Had boges on 5, 7 (ouch), and 15; with one bird on 14. Not too bad I guess, but need a couple more birds to make anything happen. Still no aces. Had a really decent run at 6 and 14 though. I'll get it next time!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday Evening Round

Played around with my bro and Koons today. I put together a nice round finishing at 1 under. Played the front nine beautifully with birdies on 3, 4, and 6. Unfortunately, didn't capitalize at all on birdie allie; got bogies on 14 (penalty from throwing in the street) and 17 (hate that hole). Koons finished at 1 over, and my bro finished somewhere around 5 (was 3 over after first two holes - ouch!)

Was a good round. Probably won't get in another until Monday or Tuesday as I'm headed out of town for the fourth of July weekend.

No aces today, but there were some nice runs. More runs to come! Season's still in full swing!