Sunday, August 24, 2008

Don't worry: I'm still chuckin plastics!

Way behind on posting rounds. Let's get back into it with some course notes:

1. All pin placements are short except #12, so go throw a personal best!
2. A smoking bench has been added next the tee box on #18. If you're looking to blow your herb and not be seen, consider 18.
3. Some rubbish fairies from the city have added trash bins. Now there are two bins on each stand. It makes me happy to know that some of my tax dollars made it to the course.

Recent rounds: I don't remember the dates for these, so give me a break.

Lost a round to Koons by one stroke about a week ago.

Lost a round to Mitchell by one stroke also about a week ago.

Joe and I lost a team round to Mitchell and Koons by several strokes on Friday. I think the score was -4 to -1.

Koons and I tied on a round we were both eager to forget yesterday. We both threw 3 over with so many poor putts that I can't forget about it fast enough.

That's it. Too much for a single post, so I'll have to be more disciplined with posting. Apologies.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Personal Best!

Played a round of team golf on Saturday morning. The winning team consisted of me and Koons; Mitchell and Chief rounded out the other team. Both teams played pretty well. Mitchell and Chief notched a 1 under, while Koons and I played 5 under. Considering the viciously hot temps lately, I consider it a victory to have survived.

Hopefully, will be able to post some video of my terrible throw on 15 soon.