Sunday, July 5, 2009

Second Round of Weekend!

Here's the breakdown of the most recent round:

Got in two rounds this weekend for the first time in a while. Actually, the heat was not too oppressive today. Overcast skies, created cooler temps, but early morning rains made for dreadful humidity.

The Play: I posted a 55 (+1) with 4 boges and 3 birds. Koons posted a 56 (+2) with 3 boges and 1 bird. Overall, we demonstrated great control on the course today.

Highlight of Round: I birdied #5 for the first time ever!!! I had a herculean drive that stood nearly parallel to basket but 15 feet to the right of the pin. Sunk the putt.

Lowlight of Round: Despite being a drive with excellent purpose, my drive on #4 stuck in the tree resulting in a penalty and a bogie.

Independence Day Ace Runs

Check today's scores on the scoresheet!

It's the 4th of July and really hot. At least the course is wide open so we should have been able to hit a rhythm. We didn't.

The Play: I posted a 59 (+5) with 5 boges and absolutely zero birds. Really hard to post a decent score with no birds in the bag. Koons threw a wildly inconsistent 61 (+7). He had two birds and then a handful of boges and double boges - indicative of lack of focus on the course.

Highlight of Round: On 13, with the Wraith, I crafted a beautiful hyzer shot that skipped perfectly and missed chains by the narrowest of margins. Tragic.

Lowlight of Round: On 5, with a relatively large gallery, I threw a pansy worm-burner off the tee, pansied the approach shot, and lacked any semblance of confidence on the putt. Bogie.