Sunday, September 14, 2008

Playing against Hurrican Ike

Koons and I made a run at BB Owen at 11 AM on Saturday despite the threat of Ike. There were very strong gusts which psyched us out and caused a few errant throws, but on the whole we put purpose on our throws and had a good time of it. There were even a couple of ace runs out there. The wind forced a greater focus and encouraged more direct angles of approach which actually improved my play on a few holes. I knew my focus was off.

Anyway, we didn't keep score in any traditional fashion. We just played for a win on each hole, and made a good time of it. Score would have been pretty close though.

Plus, this is further evidence that DG can be achieved in nearly all weather situations. Already this season, we have taken on heat, humidity, rain, wind, and darkness. Today, we took on a tropical storm. Good times.


Anonymous said...

I was playing Greenbelt that day. What fun.

Calvin said...

Yeah, if I remember correctly there was a good-sized tournament scheduled for greenbelt that weekend. Bummer.