Sunday, July 5, 2009

Second Round of Weekend!

Here's the breakdown of the most recent round:

Got in two rounds this weekend for the first time in a while. Actually, the heat was not too oppressive today. Overcast skies, created cooler temps, but early morning rains made for dreadful humidity.

The Play: I posted a 55 (+1) with 4 boges and 3 birds. Koons posted a 56 (+2) with 3 boges and 1 bird. Overall, we demonstrated great control on the course today.

Highlight of Round: I birdied #5 for the first time ever!!! I had a herculean drive that stood nearly parallel to basket but 15 feet to the right of the pin. Sunk the putt.

Lowlight of Round: Despite being a drive with excellent purpose, my drive on #4 stuck in the tree resulting in a penalty and a bogie.

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