Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Training: Control on schedule

Got in a round at The Rivery disc golf course in Georgetown, TX (click here for course info).  There were three major elements to today's training: (1) the course itself demands accuracy; (2) wind was a significant factor; (3) I was playing with borrowed discs.

The combination of the above elements really forced me to focus on a controlled disc pace and accuracy off the tee.  You can read the course description for more details, but the course is densely wooded with very narrow fairways.  If your disc clips a tree off the drive, then the best possible scenario is that your plastic is blocked straight down.  Worst (and seemingly more frequent) scenario is that your disc is richocheted off into maddening brush and your second shot is spent just getting reacquainted to the fairway.  I'm not just talking about one or two holes; I'd guess that 14 holes play with crowded, narrow fairways.

Add to that difficulty, the wind and borrowed discs and a catastrophic training round seemed nearly certain.  I borrowed the following (ordered from fastest to slowest): Teebird, Eagle, Coyote, Putt & Approach.  These particular discs were new to me, but I've had each of those in the bag at some point in my career, so it wasn't reinventing the wheel.  Conditions as they were, I played within my abilities and managed a 5 over score.  It's not a score to highlight the resume, but I'm perfectly happy with that.  Conor and Chris were more maligned by the conditions and final scores were flirting with double digits.  Luckily Wally was along to keep the mood light despite the tough scores.


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