Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Round (Wind = Enemy)

The above weather pic shows the wind at 11 mph, but that's not accurate.  There were very strong wind gusts out there.  I didn't have an anemometer or wind sock or anything, but it didn't require fancy tools to know the wind was enemy numero uno out there today.  I haven't played a wind free round in so long, I don't even know how I'd play in calm conditions.

The Play: I posted a 5-over (59) and Koons put up a 3-over (57).  Scores that leave room for improvement, but are indicative of the spring rust and spring winds.

Highlight of round: my wind-fueled ace run on 3.
Lowlight of round: my wind-fueled 5 shot collapse on 16 (included the requisite chain-slamming outburst).

Notes on Course: Everything is short except for 8 and 17.  The basket for alternate #17 is laying in a mess near the front parking lot.

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