Monday, July 21, 2008

Saturday and Sunday Team Rounds

Two rounds at BB Owen this weekend - both rounds were team play rounds. Saturday round teams : (1) Calvin and Mitchell (2) Koons and Clay. Mitchell and I got the better of them, but not impressively. Don't remember the actual scores, but they weren't pretty for a team round.

Sunday teams: (1) Calvin and Joe (2) Mitchell and Clay. Mitchell and Clay got the better of Joe and I, but it was a good round that required a play off hole to decide. Good times.

Pics from the weekend:

Calvin throws on the long hole #11, and nails a tree in the fairway. Bogie.

Mitchell rips one that looks good here, but it turned over and ran for the tree line on the right.

Clay lines up an approach shot around the trees - tough lefty shot.

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