Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon Round & Note on Course Etiquette

Koons and I got in a round on Tuesday. Round wasn't too bad until the 18th hole. I had some nice birdies and a couple of ace runs, but tripled 18 due to 3 penalty strokes (2 for playing wrong side of mando and 1 for playing on the sidewalk).

Koons played a subpar round with the leftover discs in his truck. The man's no genius and left his golf bag at the house. So, he was forced to play with the oldie goldie discs on the floorboards. Considering the situation, it wasn't a bad round.

Note on course etiquette:
This subject really requires more thought and its own post (I'll try to get to it soon). Anyway, there's noticeably poor etiquette on the course. Examples of poor etiquette include: cutting off a group by starting at the middle of a course, planning a mini tournament during peak weekday golf hours, spectators with no concept of golf wandering onto fairways, people generally being rude.

It's unfortunate that the sport attracts new participants at the expense of the course etiquette. More on this to come...

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