Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Round - Best of the Early Season!

Beautiful weather today.  Warm temps and wind was a minor factor, but not the dominant factor.  I got to the course early enough that I played without much delay.

The play: shot an even round (54) which is nice because even is a good mark for future 09 rounds.  It's not an anomaly, so I can beat it, but it's solid so I can use it as a measure.  I played solo which means the round only resulted in a victory of confidence.

Highlight of round: throwing 16 pars that included 12 in a row.  Call me consistent Cal

Lowlight of round: putting so unagressive that it resulted in 12 straight pars.

Course notes: Everything is long except for #9.  Spring green is starting to become a disc munching hazard.

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