Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekday Round

Will be keeping scores and stats posted, check it here: Score Sheet 09

Koons and I took advantage of glorious weather to force in a weekday round at the course. Conditions were prime. The only significant limiting factor was talent. Unfortunately, we weren't the only DGers eager to rattle the chains, so play was relatively slow.

The Play: I posted a +2 with three birds, 2 boges, and a triple on 18. Koons posted +4 mostly caused by bad play on the front 9. He crossed the bridge to 9 with a +5.

Highlight of round: My drive on sixteen left me 25 feet short with a tree between disc and basket. I focused yogi style and split the "Y" of the tree to sink a sweet bird. The play was capped by the "Shooter McGavin" pistol gesture to seal the deal. Nice.

Lowlight of round: On 18, I power drove the star valkyrie down the fairway, but with too much anhyzer. It lodged in a tree causing a penalty. I three-putted from there for a 6 shot final hole.

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