Saturday, April 11, 2009

Course is getting green!

Very playable golfing environment today.  Perfect temperature out there and the wind was only a factor on a few throws.  The course is getting green, so the poison ivy is out, the fairways are shrunken, and the bamboo is looking serious.

The play: I threw a +2 with boges on 1, 5, 8, 11; birdies on 4 and 12.  Pretty satisfied with my drives today, and my putting is terrible as always.  Koons threw a +5 by boging three
 of the last four.  It was classic Koons - playing the Ehlo to his opponent's Jordan.  Early season head-to-head with Koons is 1-1.

Highlight of round:  Tap-in birdie shot on 12; threw a valkrie lazer down the pipe and pinballed it off the base of the oak just to the left of the pin.

Lowlight of round: Sidearm S-curve on 8 that was almost great, but in reality dug itself into the miniature vietnam off the fairway.  Bogie.

Course notes: Pin on alternate 17 is missing.  The spring green is becoming a factor again.  Hope you're not allergic to poison ivy!

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ERicJ said...

FYI, I played BB on 4/16 and laser measured all the holes. I believe all the pins where in the long position, the only one I have a question on is #9 which was in the rock circle at the edge of the bank outside the trees. You can get the numbers here if you're interested: