Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday Round - Angry DG gods?

Koons and I braved the ferocious winds for a Friday afternoon round. Seriously, are the DG gods punishing us with these winds? Check the updated scores here: Score Card 09

The play: I posted a worst-ever +11 with birds on 4 and 8, and host of singles and doubles - check the score card for full info. Koons posted the newbie score of +15, with no birdies and a one triple. To be fair, the wind was such a huge factor that we were basically the only ones playing.

Highlight of round: The herculean tosses on hole 6, both had 400+ feet of steam on them.

Lowlight of round: The wind causing me to double 3 times in a single round.

1 comment:

Travis said...

Have we really not played the entire month of May or are you just slacking on the posts..? Maybe we deserve the punishment. I say we play this Wed no matter what!!!